When to Redesign That Website?

t’s the middle of summer. Clients and associates are on vacation, mentally if not physically, and businesses everywhere are in the midst of the traditional seasonal slow down. So NOW would be the perfect time to take a step back … Continue reading

Super Hero Branding Secrets!


Super Heroes seem to be everywhere lately. Forget x-ray vision or scampering up the sides of buildings, powerful brand recognition is their real super power. With ComicCon New York just ended and Halloween around the corner, it’s a good time to … Continue reading

Big Data or Big Ideas


“Big” and “Data” are the two most buzz worthy words in marketing today. Companies are collecting, sifting through, and picking apart tons of data on customer behavior in an effort to anticipate where the consumer herd is heading next. While I … Continue reading

Speed Branding: On Your Mark…


The words “Brand Development” can conjure up images of endless meetings, discussions, design iterations, and finally, that feeling of “What are we doing here, anyway?” While all that can be true, Branding has become a necessary part of success for … Continue reading

Social Media Grown-Ups


  You know how you can tell that Social Media is maturing? Just look at the growing importance of paid media, especially Facebook Ads. With them, Facebook has become more of an effective business platform and less a haven for … Continue reading

’Tis the Season to be Shopping


The first few days immediately after Thanksgiving mark the beginning of the Holiday Shopping Season. Along with benefitting the businesses directly involved, the Season also brings added dollars into local economies. This most profitable time of the year for retail sales, is kicked off … Continue reading

Hieroglyphics with Attitude


Facebook’s redesigned Like Button, giving users the option to select from five “Reactions”- Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry, in addition to the ubiquitous “Thumbs Up” – was the latest in a long line of attempts to add an emotional … Continue reading

Word of Mouth, with Clout


Meet Glenda C. (Not her real name, apologies if that is your real name) Glenda is a theatre junkie. Through guile, passion and relentless Google-ing for special offers, she manages to see just about everything on and off Broadway. In … Continue reading

Social Media: 2016


One of my favorite Christmas gifts as a kid was The Magic 8 Ball. You would ask a questions, turn it over and get an authoritative answer that was vague enough to sound plausible. Now that the decorations have been … Continue reading

Still Not Sure About Social Media?


Social Media has been with us since roughly 2003. Though it still retains some of its initial silliness — posts of pets and babies, inappropriate vacation photos, clips from Fox News — it has matured into an essential business marketing … Continue reading

Responsive or Repetitive Design?


Mobile-geddon is upon us. We live in the end times where Google gives preference to mobile ready websites on mobile searches. When someone does a search for pizza joints on their smartphones, Google will rank pizza joints with mobile ready … Continue reading

Take My Tweets, Please…


Social Media’s Secret Weapon — or not as the case may be. I recently came across the following question on LinkedIn: “Is Having a Kick-Ass Sense of Humor Essential in a Social Media Manager?” It was the first time I … Continue reading

Hello Blog, It’s Me…

Blog: Well, I see you’ve come skulking back. Every year, like clock work.. Me: I know, I‘ve been neglecting you. This time I promise… Blog: Don’t talk to me about promises! It’s always the same — few quickie entries at … Continue reading

Twitter Bowl

We had two weeks of pre-game hype about loose balls (the Pats deflategate) and tight lips (Marshawn Lynch), 20 hours of the usual game day programming followed by THE GAME, and finally three days of hand wringing over “the worst … Continue reading

Time to Redesign that Website?

A website redesign is one of the most effective things you can do for your business. As the only part of the Internet that you totally control, it pays to revisit it periodically and make sure it accurately represents your … Continue reading

Enough About You…

Recently, a business owner asked me to take a look at her restaurant’s website. She had invested a fair amount of time and money in developing a strong brand identity but the site wasn’t generating any buzz or converting much … Continue reading

Once Upon a Brand…

To quote marketing guru, Seth Grotin, “Marketing used to be about the things you make, now it’s about the stories you tell.” For decades marketing strategy revolved around the USP, or Unique Sales Proposition. The idea was to find THE … Continue reading

Marketing for the Jung at Heart

Always looking for an edge, many marketing professionals are turning to the work of psychological trailblazer and media maven, Carl Jung. Dr. Jung postulated that there are a number of subconscious personality types common to all humans and that they … Continue reading

Tell Me a Picture

Websites, posts, tweets, text messages, emails, TV, radio— even newspapers, magazines and snail mail—people are inundated with more and more information while having less and less time to sort, absorb or evaluate it. Looking for a way to quickly get … Continue reading